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We have a smallholding in Carmarthenshire, South West Wales. We keep a small flock of Llanwenog and Shetland sheep as well as various cross breeds. I usually get the fleeces spun in a mill nearby, but some of the really nice lamb and shearling fleeces are offered to hand spinners. Llanwenog fibres will produce a bouncy yarn, ideal for knitting, crocheting and also felting, either wet or dry. Llanwenog crossed with a Gotland ram, the resulting fleece has taken on the shine and softness of the Gotland, making them quite special. The Shetland/Gotland crosses are prolific fleece providers, we shear them every 6 month or so, otherwise the fleeces would end up felted and spoilt.

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Rated on 6th February 2024

"Gorgeous fleeces, thank you"

Rated on 1st July 2023

"These 2 Llanwenog x Gotland Fleeces are amazing! photo's didn't do them justice, next to no vm/dirt well skirted and the shine and crimp is stunning! Postage was really fast and well packaged! Thank you"